Free Yourself Through Painting

Introduction to Palette Knife Art




This uplifting course named Free does just that, it frees your self-expression and teaches you the basic fundamentals of Pallet Knifing and Painting. Release yourself from the pressure of perfection with Artist Donna Racovalis (DMR).

DMR will show you how to use your own freedom of expression through Pallet Knifing by growing your imagination while painting. Move freely with a pallet knife and brush. Discover your own personal artistic style while experimenting with paint.

DMR enjoys building esteem through art and doesn’t hold back teaching all the techniques she knows from the very first class onwards. Helping her students DMR brings them into her multi-dimensional creative world where they can feel safe. DMR is an intuitive patient teacher and is learner focused. DMR personalizes her teaching even in a group setting and allows her students to grow at their own pace without the pressure of conventional teaching.

This class caters for home schooling students, international study students as well as anyone interested in Pallet Knife/Painting.

Material options are:

Use of limited studio supplies (inc only 1 canvas each)


Purchasing a materials kit ($45)


Bringing your own supplies.

You will receive: A 2 hour (per week) introduction to Pallet Knife Painting with self-expression. Release your imagination with vibrant acrylic paints while feeling safe, supported and proud. You will get to take home your masterpiece.

Wednesday October 23 - December 25

9:30 - 11:30 am



To book: Tickets

*Due to the nature and limited numbers of this program there is a no-refund policy after payment has been made, but you may send someone in your place.

Instructor / 

Donna Racovalis


Email /

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